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Home Delivery

The Stephen Markham Collection offers a nation-wide delivery service (excluding Highlands and Islands), using a national carrier, this enables us to keep costs down.

When ordering a Lead Product it is important that you understand that Lead is an extremely heavy metal. The carrier however offers a 'to the door only, one man service', this means that they will require assistance at the point of delivery, and do not have to assist you to put the item in place.

Many of our items require a special delivery, this is because they are large, delicate and heavy. This may be sent using a palletline carrier and this service is to your door only, or nearest accessible point. You will have to make arrangements regarding the placing of the item.

We do offer a more comprehensive delivery and placing service, we are very happy to quote you for this, there are however several points to consider when quoting you. The area you live, how many people we would have to supply for the delivery, access to the final position i.e. steps, parking restrictions, access only directly through house, gravel drives and paths, narrow openings, distance and obstacles in the way. These are very important considerations when dealing with such heavy products.

We also offer our customers a delivery and installation service. This service mainly applies to our water features where the setting up of the product is needed although we are happy to deliver and install any of our products at the customer's request.

It is important to understand that installing anything other then our standard water features simply means putting the item into situ. Any other work required i.e. building work, ground work, plumbing and electrical work may be carried out by us at the customers request but as an extra cost to the customer.

If we are installing a lead water feature (please note this is an extra cost), a solid level base will be required. 

We will carry out a preliminary test of the water feature, all electrical works will be the responsibility of the customer and will be required to be carried out by a qualified electrician. Only our standard water features come with pumps included. 

We advise that when ordering our products you understand these terms to enable us to provide you with the best services available. If you have any queries regarding these terms please do not hesitate in contacting a member of our team. 

Lead is a natural product and is subject to colour changes and slight discrepancies in size and appearance.It takes time to reach its own patina, and generally over time develops a light blue/grey colour, it can also depend on location and exposure. 

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please inform us as soon as possible. We are dedicated to future development and your input is greatly received. We are always looking for quality photographs in a nice setting preferably planted out for our library we would possibly offer a gift or reduction on future orders.