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The Stephen Markham Collection are proud to offer our beautiful range of lead garden ornaments, each and every item is hand made from only the finest quality English lead.

We are an established company of craftsmen specialising in the design, manufacture and restoration of decorative leadwork. 

Our Collection includes a choice of traditional and modern designs to grace any garden, courtyard, doorstep and windows.

Our fountains and planters can be seen across the UK on many prestigious estates and gardens with many customers adding to their collection year on year - as the lead will continue to improve with age both aesthetically and in value, each piece creates a personal heirloom and investment.

The beauty of lead in any garden is its ability to withstand any weather condition, making our items a popular choice with customers in the USA who are increasingly placing orders for shipment.

The online brochure is designed to show you the most popular patterns and possibilities as we are happy to help design and adapt to produce bespoke items for your requirements which can include:

  • Personalisation of our products to add dates, inscriptions, initials, property names, logo’s etc
  • Custom made items can be made to design specification to suit corporate or domestic individuality.
  • Renovation and renewal of lead rainwater goods – Rainwater hopper heads and down pipes are a particular specialty of ours.
  • Complete custom made products to your own designs.

Other services the Stephen Markham Collection can offer are repairs and restoration to any kind of ornamental leadwork.